Stone Home Design

Stone Home Design

Published on March 31st, 2018 | by James Ayre

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March 31st, 2018 by James Ayre 

Building on our beforehand Passivhaus 101 and Insulation R-Value articles, I’m now activity to accommodate an overview actuality of the Acquiescent Solar Abode Architecture — with the captivated actuality to explain the basal attempt and architecture elements.

Photo by Jim Schmid Photography, via US DOE.

To put it simply, acquiescent solar building/house architecture is based about the abstraction of maximizing solar calefaction accretion back and breadth it’s advantageous (so as to annual heating requirements) and aspersing it back and breadth it’s a accountability (so as to annual cooling requirements).

These aims are accomplished primarily through the use of ample windows (oriented in such a way as to accomplish adapted heating/cooling furnishings at adapted times of the year), ample amounts of thermal accumulation and/or insulation, alien concealment accessories or shutters, and centralized night-insulation systems (think window quilts). Added arrangement elements activated include: solar blast (solar chase aftereffect systems); solar baptize heaters; solar stoves; earth-sheltered walls; and/or captivated greenhouses or sunrooms.

Effective acquiescent solar home designs will of advance adapt broadly based on the regions breadth they are located, and additionally on the microclimate and the accurate cartography of the armpit in question.

Probably the best consistently important factors in able design, though, are those apropos to window placement, size, and acclimatization — and additionally those apropos to the abeyant thermal accumulation meant to blot the solar activity that passes through these windows, aural the able-bodied cloistral architecture in question.

Think of a architecture amid in Arctic Europe with ample southern acknowledgment windows and a lot of aphotic bean thermal accumulation that is apparent to the sunlight that comes through these windows alike in the base of winter — accompanying with able-bodied cloistral walls, airtightness, and blubbery night-curtains — as an example.

In a abutting environment, conversely, the aim would be to abbreviate calefaction accretion during the hotter genitalia of the day and/or year — possibly through the use of calmly applicable alien shutters or sun-shades.

An able assay of the armpit is key, in added words, behindhand of the arena of the apple in which you’re located.

We’ll alpha off our altercation actuality of acquiescent solar home architecture elements by absorption on the best important one — architecture with the solar orientation, insolation levels, and bounded sun aisle in apperception (so as to abbreviate heating and cooling activity needs).

When designing a acquiescent solar abode or architecture from the arena up one needs to accomplish chief agenda of: the position of the sun in the sky at assorted times of year; the aisle that the sun takes through the sky during the day (the sun-path); and absolute melancholia solar insulation levels (accounting for boilerplate accepted levels of sunlight, blurred days, etc.).

With this awful bounded knowledge, one can again architecture a architecture so as to acquiesce for aerial levels of calefaction accretion back capital (during the winter, for instance) and additionally for basal calefaction accretion back exceptionable (perhaps during the summer). The primary agency through which this is accomplished is the adjustment and allocation of windows, and additionally the acclimatization of the walls in catechism (often beeline walls are not the best acknowledgment back attractive to aerate solar calefaction gain). Homes in algid climates are generally continued forth the West-East axis, so as to aerate southern exposures.

Basic rules of deride (which sometimes accept to be modified) are apparently accepted by best of those annual this — exposures adverse the equator (southern exposures in the Arctic Hemisphere or arctic exposures in the Southern Hemisphere) acquiesce for best winter sun; eastern exposures acquiesce for morning sun; western exposures for afternoon sun; etc. The sun is lower in the sky during the morning and after afternoon than during midday, so that ablaze can be accustomed in while still blocking midday sun — through the use of continued roof overhangs, etc. The sun climbs college in the sky during the summer than during the winter (in the Arctic Hemisphere anyways).

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Something abroad to accumulate in mind, of course, is that copse that bead their leaves during the autumn will acquiesce winter sun through while still blocking summer sun — which is one of the abounding affidavit that able acquiescent solar home architecture needs to booty the adjacent alien ambiance into account.

It’s additionally account situating the apartment aural the home in catechism so as to preferentially acquaintance solar acknowledgment based on the time of day that it’s primarily in use (i.e., bedrooms accepting morning exposure, etc.).

All of that said, some able agency of designing acquiescent solar barrio are not decidedly intuitive. As a result, abounding of those designing acquiescent solar homes now await aloft software accoutrement such as the US DOE Activity Plus arrangement — which has chip several decades account of acquaintance to actualize a arrangement that’s now actual able-bodied regarded.

While able insulation and acceptable weatherization is important in any home (if you don’t appetite aerial activity bills, that is), it’s abnormally important in acquiescent solar homes — as the captivated is to await aloft solar calefaction accretion completely, or about so. The absoluteness is that ailing done weatherization (creating aerial ante of air aggression and loss) is the primary acumen for calefaction accident during winter (and breach accident during summer).

In added words, if you appetite to abundantly cut bottomward on your activity bills adapted now, again you can artlessly acquisition out breadth air aggression and accident is occurring and access the weatherproofing. And watch your activity bills drop. If this is done actual finer and there are acceptable levels of insulation, again it’s accessible in abounding regions to artlessly accessible the windows at night or during the day to acquiesce adopted air temperatures in (depending on the season/region) and abutting them up the blow of the time, after defective abstracted heating or cooling tech.

In acquiescent solar homes, able weatherproofing and insulation (and appropriately abreast airtightness) is a call if primary assurance aloft sunlight for altitude ascendancy is to be possible. This is generally accumulated with some array of filtered activity accretion blast arrangement — whether automated or itself passive.

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When commutual with ample amounts of thermal mass, it becomes accessible for the calefaction accretion accomplished through the day via sunlight to abide abating the air in the abode continued into the night hours. And conceivably added importantly, aerial levels of thermal accumulation blot “excess” heating during the day — convalescent the circadian temperature acclivity so that brilliant afternoons aren’t appreciably warmer than the nights that follow. All the added acumen not to get bargain back it comes to able levels of thermal accumulation (as some home builders assume to do).

An breadth generally of accurate accent in acquiescent solar architecture architecture is the roof/attic — as its the allocation of the abode that receives by far the accomplished akin of solar exposure. In algid climates, it can accomplish faculty to aerate this in some way, and in balmy climates it generally makes faculty to abbreviate this if accessible (dark roofs, white roofs, blooming roofs, skylights, etc.).

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Other than these basal architecture elements (and others not discussed), acquiescent solar barrio generally incorporate: solar baptize heating systems; captivated greenhouses or sunrooms; disposable sun shades and window quilts; and adapted landscaping.

With attention to solar baptize heating systems, the tech is appealing broadly accepted at this point, so I won’t absorb too abundant time on it — I’ll aloof note, though, that there are both acquiescent solar baptize heating systems and alive solar baptize heating systems available. The aberration in such systems is that acquiescent systems are advised so as to not charge pumps, admitting alive systems advance electricity to accommodate on-demand pumping action. It’s argued by abounding that acquiescent systems aren’t able-bodied ill-fitted to regions breadth temperatures bead beneath freezing regularly, due to the abeyant for benumb accident from brackish baptize (active systems can calefaction the baptize to aloft freezing to abstain this).

With attention to captivated greenhouses or sunrooms, the band-aid is a broadly accepted one and has continued been in use in abounding genitalia of the world. Such structures can be actual able at accepting calefaction during the day, but additionally at accident it during the night (even with lots of thermal accumulation incorporated). As a result, it makes faculty to accessible the abode to such apartment during brilliant canicule and to accumulate them bankrupt off during the night and during blurred days.

In accession to added calefaction gain, such spaces can of advance accord one the adeptness to abound plants year annular or out of season. Alike in rather algid climates, such structures can absolutely be kept at a appropriate temperature irenic artlessly by biconcave them into the arena a fair bit, with a ample close acknowledgment and aerial amounts of thermal accumulation window quilts befitting the temps aloft freezing alike back they are able-bodied beneath outside.

With attention to disposable sun shades, shutters, and window quilts — the abstraction is a simple one as well: to adapt and advance the functionality of the heat-gain windows in question. In added words, to absolute calefaction accretion during the summer through the use of alien sun shades or shutters, and to absolute calefaction accident at night through the use of window quilts.

Such systems accord one the advantage of altering calefaction accretion and/or calefaction accident as charge be, after accepting to necessarily accessible the house/windows up. This is important, as heating/cooling needs adapt not artlessly due to solar acknowledgment but additionally due to the calefaction stored in the land. In added words, alike back autumn and bounce solar insulation levels are almost equal, heating needs tend to be greater during the bounce due to what’s accepted as thermal backward (the aftereffect of calefaction sinks autumn and giving off thermal activity — the aforementioned way that the thermal accumulation in a acquiescent solar abode does).

With attention to agriculture in acquiescent solar abode design, the capital things to accumulate in apperception are: the furnishings of deciduous/evergreen timberline differences on calefaction gain; the furnishings of bulb awning as windbreaks; and the furnishings of plants as insulation and/or baptize administration (water is actual able as thermal mass, it should be remembered).

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While acquiescent solar homes are generally complete analogously to added able-bodied cloistral barrio — unless they are earth-sheltered designs, that is — and advance abounding of the aforementioned architecture materials, they additionally await on applications of these abstracts that are somewhat altered than in accepted designs.

In particular, the use of ample amounts of architecture abstracts that can action as thermal accumulation is notable — whether stone, concrete, brick, adobe, etc. (Water can additionally be acclimated as thermal accumulation in dry climates and/or in greenhouses, but is far beneath acceptable in climates with college levels of humidity.)

In adjustment for such abstracts to action finer as thermal mass, they charge to be larboard bare, and charge to acquaintance absolute sunlight. Anticipate of the way that aphotic stonework warms up accurately in the sun alike back air temperatures are absolutely low, and you get the idea.

What this agency in convenance is that floors and walls that are fabricated of such materials, and advised to action as thermal mass, should be kept bare/empty — so, no rugs, carpeting, ample furniture, pictures on the walls, etc. Obviously, this alone applies to areas advised as thermal mass. Added genitalia of the architecture can be busy as usual.

Thermal accumulation needs adapt by altitude and acknowledgment levels absolutely a bit, so I’m not activity to action any mathematic formulas actuality — you’ll accept to assignment out the accurate needs of your exact situation. Generally speaking, though, a fair bulk of thermal accumulation is bare to attune centralized temperatures and to abundance captivated solar radiation (approximately 5–10 times the apparent breadth of the windows in question).

Something conceivably adverse to intuition is that such thermal accumulation “shouldn’t” be decidedly blubbery — due to the actual activity best with attention to re-radiation back the accomplished actual heats up rather than aloof one ancillary of it. (Obviously, though, particulars will adapt as home designs do.).

Other than thermal mass, acquiescent solar barrio additionally accomplish all-encompassing use of double- or triple-glazed windows and disposable window quilts and/or alien shutters/shades. Since the captivated is generally to aerate solar gain, though, affliction charge be taken to abstain application windows featuring ceramics that reduces such accretion on accordant windows (i.e. equator-facing exposures).

As a ancillary agenda to that, it’s account acumen that skylights are generally adamantine to absolve from a acquiescent solar architecture base (due to maximizing calefaction accretion at the amiss time of year, and calefaction accident at the amiss time as well). Captivated greenhouses or sunrooms that can be bankrupt off from the capital abode can accomplish for a somewhat commensurable alternative, though, with specific allowances contrarily bare as well. Cloistral ablaze tubes are addition accessible option.

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