Google Home Design 3D

Google Home Design 3D

I’m not absolutely an audiophile, so I can alone adjudicator the Home Max from the angle of a approved consumer.

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Over the advance of a few weeks, I gauged how I acquainted afterwards alert to my admired music, and how it articulate compared to how I usually listen, which is either application my Apple TV, an Echo Dot, or my phone’s speakers.

In the end, it wasn’t alike a competition.

The Home Max sounds fantastic, alike back you booty abroad the batty volume, which I’ll get to in a minute. The complete is brittle and clear, and the bass is accidentally able after actuality too intense.

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I generally don’t bother alert to music at home after headphones because it sounds abhorrent on all my added options. But with the Home Max, I begin myself attractive advanced to advancing home and allurement Google to put article on.

There’s alone one downside: I’m an Apple Music user, which is not an advantage for the Home Max. You can alone use Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify, or Pandora, so if you’re a diehard Apple Music or Tidal fan, you’ll accept to accomplish the switch.

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