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Did You Know?

• Development of Fairway Village began in 1980 aloof east of the Interstate 205 Bridge. Forty-five acreage were set abreast for the golf advance and clubhouse.

• Home architecture started in 1981, and the final residential units on the 188-acre development were completed in 1994.

By The Numbers

• The boilerplate age of Clark County’s association is 37.8 years.

• At 72.6 years, a demography block accumulation consisting primarily of Fairway Village association is the alone one in Clark County with a boilerplate age in the 70s.

• Four acquire boilerplate ages in the 60s: one is abreast Vancouver Mall; one is in Fairway Village; the third is adjoining to Fairway Village; the fourth is in Salmon Creek.

• The youngest demography block accumulation has a boilerplate age of 23.9.

• About 26 percent of Clark County association are 55 and older.

Source: 2012-2016 American Association Survey 5-Year Estimates

At Fairway Village, 70 can be par for the course.

So can 72.6.

It depends on whether you’re talking about the golf advance or bodies who alive in a allocation of the residential community.

Linda Brooks, Elaine Saeed, Jim Mewhirter and Dave Mercer represented both aspects afresh back they teed off on the nine-hole layout, which has a twice-around advantage with a par of 70.

The four golfers alive in a association that is allotment of the oldest citizenry accumulation in Clark County. A U.S. Demography block accumulation that includes Fairway Village has a boilerplate age of 72.6 years.

It’s all by design, back Fairway Village is a 55-and-older community.

That appealed to Saeed back she and her husband, Iyaz, confused from Gresham, Ore., in 2007.

“I admired the 55-and-over concept,” she said. “It’s very, actual quiet. You can chronicle to bodies who acquire gone through the aforementioned things you have. And alive on a golf advance was actual appealing.”

The allocation of Fairway Village aloof south of Southeast McGillivray Boulevard is the alone Clark County demography assemblage with a boilerplate age over 70. Bisected its association are adolescent than 72.6, and bisected are older.

The second-oldest block accumulation (64.0) is aloof west of Vancouver Mall. The third-oldest (62.2) includes the southern allocation of Fairway Village, which has best of the golf layout.

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The youngest of the county’s 240 block groups, with a boilerplate age of 23.9, is in the Orchards area, aloof arctic of Padden Parkway and east of accompaniment Highway 503. (About 49 percent of the households get aliment stamp/SNAP assistance, No. 4 amid the 240 block groups.)

Age-restricted communities accomplish beneath guidelines set up by the Department of Apartment and Urban Development. They absolved 55-and-older communities from assertive accoutrement of the Fair Apartment Act.

“One citizen in anniversary home has to be age 55 or better, and no abiding association beneath the age of 18 are allowed,” said Jane McDowell, ambassador of the Fairway Village Homeowners Association. That is the official name of the 188-acre development, which comprises 1,270 association in 820 households.

“We acquire to advance an age demography in case HUD anytime audits us,” McDowell said.

Her calculations appearance an boilerplate age of about 76.

Ranging in age from their mid-50s to their 90s, Fairway Village association represent a brace of audible generations.

Brooks noticed it back she confused actuality from Seattle in 2010, afterward her husband’s death.

She was 55 1/2 . As she looked around, Brooks said she begin herself thinking: “I’ve aloof confused in with my parents.

“I don’t acquire that activity now,” Brooks said, abacus that her neighbors acquire been wonderful. “It was a absolutely acceptable move for me.”

There are altered cultural frames of reference, article Brooks accomplished at a Christmas event. As a song was playing, everybody was apprenticed to sing along.

Her reaction? “I’ve never heard this afore in my life.”

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As adolescent bodies move in, “There are altered generations,” Brooks said. “I acquire that someday, I’ll be that old generation.”

While these communities can be later-in-life transitions, abounding association “have lived actuality best than they acquire lived anywhere abroad in their lives — 30 years or more,” McDowell said. “A lot had adaptable careers. One brace had confused 37 times.

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“Many of our aboriginal homeowners are still here. The cardinal of originals is declining, of course,” McDowell said, as association die or move to assisted living.

Mewhirter and his wife, Martha, begin Fairway Village in 1991 while he was a Delta Airlines pilot. They busy a condo.

“We were 15 account from Portland International Airport,” Mewhirter said. Back he retired in 1997, one advantage was to achieve in Texas.

“I looked around, decidedly about Dallas,” Martha Mewhirter said. “Nothing had the altitude and all the appearance this abode has. It’s got the mountains, the ocean, the Columbia River, the city, acceptable medical facilities.”

Mercer, admiral of the homeowner association’s lath of directors, accustomed in 2011.

“It’s apparently the best accommodation we’ve made,” said Mercer, calling Fairway Village a affable abode as able-bodied as an alive place.

“Stuff is activity on all the time,” Mercer, 79, added. “There’s consistently article to do.”

“It takes a lot of volunteers,” said Jim Mewhirter, 80. The retired airline pilot (and above Marine helicopter pilot) is admiral of the biking club. Outings ambit from Portland excursions to Columbia River cruises to aftermost year’s cruise to Ireland.

“There are a ton of agenda groups,” said Saeed, 78.

Mary Van Sandt has helped adapt contest back accession in 1990. She has been administrator or broker of the activities board for abundant of that span.

Veterans Day has a arresting atom on her calendar. The Nov. 11 veterans’ account bouncer included 100-year-old Jim Christian and Harry Van Sandt, Mary’s husband, in their World War II Navy uniforms.

Residents can abide affianced in the added community. Van Sandt, 79, is allotment of a accumulation that has organized anniversary accouterment drives for accouchement at several elementary schools for 15 years.

The Saeeds acknowledgment adversity calls as Federal Emergency Management Agency volunteers.

“Last year, I was gone for six months,” primarily in Florida and Louisiana, Elaine Saeed said. “My specialty is housing. Bodies acquire been displaced, and we try get them into acting shelters. It’s actual advantageous work.”

That boilerplate age of 72.6 is based on the 2012-2016 American Association Survey. Clark County Block Accumulation 2, Demography Tract 413.10, comprises 910 association in 610 households, best aural Fairway Village.

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However, the demography abuttals does accommodate Touchmark at Fairway Village, a association of about 280 association that has options for assisted alive and anamnesis care. The boilerplate age of its association is in the low 80s, backer Jan Bellis-Squires said, advocacy the all-embracing age for that demography block group.

Van Mall Retirement Center is allotment of addition 80-and-older citizenry pocket. Its 200 association acquire an boilerplate age of 84 or 85, accepted administrator Bill Hess said, and a brace of added senior-living centers are nearby. But those accessories acquire a lot of actual adolescent neighbors.

“With all the kids we see cat-and-mouse for the (school) bus, you can see how the numbers get skewed down” for the area, Hess said.

Still, Van Mall Retirement Center’s block accumulation is No. 2 on the advantage list, with a boilerplate age of 64.0.

Health affliction abutment isn’t amid Fairway Village’s offerings, archetypal of how HUD describes 55-and-older communities.

“Residents about advance an independent, alive affairs in a country club setting. These communities are usually not able to accommodate added affliction or health-related services,” the HUD’s website said.

Amenities about accommodate a clubhouse, amusement centers, computer labs and a golf course, the HUD website said. The golf advance is the alone allotment of Fairway Village that is accessible to nonresidents.

“More than bisected our golfers are public,” said Nick Stoddard, abettor golf boutique manager.

The blueprint is senior-friendly, Stoddard said: “If you’re authentic off the tee and can putt and chip, you can do well.” A lot of 55-and-older players bypass golf carts in favor of walking the course, he added.

“It’s hasty how acceptable a appearance the accumulated golfer is in,” Stoddard said.

He said he credibility that out back a chief golfer complains about accident ambit off the tee.

“You’re not hitting it as far? You’re 87, and you’re walking nine holes,” Stoddard said. “You’re way advanced of the curve.”

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