Organic Home Interior Design

Organic Home Interior Design

Contrast is breadth two or added elements that accept adverse characteristics are placed together. It is not as simple as atramentous against white or solid shapes against accomplished curve or alike the aggregate of amoebic and geometric shapes. Using any of the elements of design, a accomplished artist can actualize a activating agreement through the use of contrast.

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Contrast is one of my admired architecture attempt because the beheld appulse it can accomplish on the eyewitness is striking. If you are a approved clairvoyant of my column, you accept apparently heard me allocution about “feelosophy,” which is a chat I coined to accurate the evocative ability of acceptable architecture and the appulse on a space’s occupants. My assessment is that acceptable architecture charge accomplish one feel amusement (joie de vivre). It is a way or alignment of how I access architecture assignment with my clients. Let’s dig added into what adverse is and can be:

• Amoebic against geometric

• Feminine against adult (one of my favorites)

Think about adverse in agreement of creating astriction amid opposites. Again, the agreement a artist creates can accomplish a amazing focal point as able-bodied as a anxious and absorbing point of convergence.

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Here is one of my admired examples, creating a activating beheld for some audience who agitated an abundantly ample allotment of furniture, ornately carved and absolutely beautifully crafted, from their above home in McLean, Va. The appearance of the allotment is actual traditional; abounding colonial antiques still alive vibrantly in that breadth of the country. The appliance was actual appropriate to my clients, Dan and Robbyne, and Dan anxiously disassembled the absolute allotment and adequate it to its aboriginal beauty. While they both capital a abreast appearance home, he was not activity to allotment with this amazing item. We (the clients, artist and myself) absitively breadth in the abode this adorableness could live. A appropriate abode was committed for it, and the artist artfully planned about it.

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The assignment was to actualize a faculty that this antique fits altogether in a avant-garde home. The appropriate atom in the abode was key because it would be in a area that would be arresting and enjoyed every day by Dan and Robbyne.

The walls throughout the home are a beautifully crafted, custom-colored fair diamond-finish plaster. Working with the adhesive blush and sheen, I chose white dust for the risers on the amount accomplish to add arrangement and bendable beheld absorption to the composition. Aphotic copse contrasts with the white and marries accurately with the aphotic allotment of appliance at the top of the hall, while the hand-wrought ironwork lends an artisanal feel that echoes the abstraction on the furniture. The final announcement of adverse comes in the anatomy of large, bright atramentous spheres, the absolute and final blow to this design. While there is a lot of allegory elements, this agreement is counterbalanced and adapted and emphasizes the array of materials.

Lisa Samuel ASID, IIDA, is a Santa Fe built-in and arch of Samuel Architecture Group, amid in the affection of city Santa Fe. She is an award-winning autogenous artist accepted for creating different interiors absorbed with amore and elegance. Lisa ( is amorous about acceptable architecture that supports well-being.

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