Modular Modern Home Design

Modular Modern Home Design

What if you could adjustment a avant-garde houseboat like you adjustment flatpack Ikea furniture? That’s the cerebration abaft a new band of modular amphibian dwellings conceived by Russian artist Max Zhivov.

Cyber City, a Modular Lego Cyberpunk Diorama | Make:The Moot Hall Unfolding House (7)

The architecture kit-inspired Modul Go abstraction aims to action calmly adjustable amphibian structures that can serve as annihilation from a two-bedroom home to a restaurant to an accessories rental kiosk on water. This ambit of customization would appear from a alternation of altered modules that are about 8 anxiety in amplitude and either 7.5 anxiety or 11.5 anxiety in height. They would sit on platforms barometer 450 or 900 aboveboard feet.

The structures, which are advised to be accumulated by four bodies in two days, would appear with electric motors and solar panels. Zhivov is currently additionally alive on an app that would acquiesce barter to adapt the modules and specs to get an authentic amount appraisal for their adapted model.

While Modul Go is still in development, affluence of precedents accept already paved the way. This ambrosial one from Germany comes in a agnate size, while these examples from Ireland and France go for a added accustomed timber-clad look.

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