Malaysia Home Design

Malaysia Home Design

Bringing fully-flat beds with absolute alley admission assimilate its London flights, Malaysia Airlines’ Airbus A350 business chic account offers Australian travellers a accustomed and connected acquaintance on their adventure from Bottomward Under to the UK.

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That’s because these ‘new’ seats are actual agnate to those already aerial in Australian skies aboard the airline’s active Airbus A330 jets, which accept been zipping amid Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide aback 2016, forth with Auckland, amid added places.

AusBT review: Malaysia Airlines A330 business class, Kuala Lumpur-Sydney

Join Australian Business Traveller as we put the airline’s newest aircraft and business chic bench to the analysis on a contempo flight from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow.

In Kuala Lumpur, business chic cartage can admission the Malaysia Airlines Regional and Satellite Golden Lounges in the airport’s Capital and Satellite terminals, respectively.

If you’re abutting from Australia to London, such as from Sydney on flight MH140 (which acreage actuality at 3:50am), you’ll allegation to go to the Regional Lounge first, pictured below:

That’s because the Satellite Lounge currently doesn’t accessible until 5am, although the aliment and cooler offerings amid the two lounges are almost agnate anyway, except that the Satellite Lounge is above and has a brainstorm bar.

AusBT review: Malaysia Airlines’ business chic Golden Lounge, Kuala Lumpur Satellite Terminal

Both lounges accept battery facilities, so booty your pick: unless you’re a Qantas or Enrich Platinum accepted flyer or added Oneworld Emerald cardholder, in which case you’ll appetite to appointment the airline’s recently-revamped Platinum Lounge in the Satellite Terminal, which is accessible from 5am:

Unlike some airlines aerial into London, Malaysia Airlines doesn’t action arrivals lounge accessories at Heathrow: but if you accept an AMEX Platinum Allegation Agenda or a Priority Canyon card, you can admission the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge at Heathrow’s Terminal 4.

That’s the terminal you’ll admission into from your Malaysia Airlines flight, and you’ll acquisition the lounge by axis larboard afterwards allowance UK Customs and branch up a clearly-signed escalator, to acquisition a baby but adequate amplitude able with WiFi, charging ports and showers.

In lieu of cafe dining, guests actuality can adore a adulatory three-course meal, added barista-made coffee and a ambit of added drinks. Accepting eaten on board, I kept things simple with a latte and a actual British angle and chips for an aboriginal dinner:

Prior to your flight home from London, you’ll accept admission to Malaysia Airlines’ own Golden Lounge at Heathrow, or could use your business chic boarding canyon for admission to the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge in the aforementioned terminal, in band with Oneworld rules.

As with Malaysia Airlines’ Airbus A330s, business chic on its newer A350s alternates amid a 1-2-1 and a 1-2-2 configuration.

This agency if you accept an ‘A’ seat, such as 11A in my case, you’re affirmed to be by yourself…

… and if you accept a ‘D’ or ‘G’ seat, you’ll additionally accept absolute and ceaseless alley access. However, if you’re in rows 3, 6 or 10, you ability accede alienated the ‘K’ seats unless travelling as a pair, as these are the rows with the added bench amid the window and aisle, labelled ‘H’.

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In any case, anniversary bench transforms into a 78-inch (198cm) fully-flat bed at a amplitude of 22 inches (56cm)…

… for which a mattress acknowledgment is provided (pictured below), forth with a adequate pillow and blanket. As for pyjamas, it’s BYO.

In the amplitude abutting to you is a abounding shelf: abundant for plonking your laptop to allegation overnight, or to accumulate books, affidavit and accessories aural accessible reach:

Just above, a buffet that’s abounding abundant for headphones, passports, advantage kits and added goodies, added a mirror on the swing-out aperture for any quick tweaks:

An accessible amplitude on top provides added accumulator during the flight…

… although there’s a committed abridged for your smartphone: and if you appetite to allegation it here, aloof about-face your accessory upside bottomward to admission its charging port:

Right abutting aperture is an adjustable and dimmable account ablaze and a holder for your baptize canteen underneath: but for annihilation else, there’s an added accumulator accessory in advanced of you

Just cull it down, and it retracts automatically:

Below that, the attic apparent is angled which serves as a congenital bottom blow throughout the flight, and aback your bench is in bed mode, the bedlam beanbag at the top forms the appendage end, activity even with the seat:

To the ancillary is a added accumulator amplitude ill-fitted to shoes, added a abstract abridged which is breadth you’ll acquisition the inflight card (and which can fit tablets like the Microsoft Surface):

Hidden in this breadth is a accumulated all-embracing AC and USB ability outlet: it’s adamantine to atom and you won’t acquisition it unless you absolutely attending for it…

… but unfortunately, its adjustment has been poorly-considered. Given its acclimatization and breadth anon beneath the shelf on top, it’s physically absurd to bung in abounding accepted chargers, such as for that Microsoft Surface, because there’s artlessly not abundant room.

Other accepted chargers that do fit into the plug, such as the all-embracing biking charger for the iPhone, additionally arrest the outlet’s activating USB anchorage aloft it: so you can’t bung your smartphone in to allegation via the AC outlet, while accompanying application your tablet’s USB cable to allegation via the USB port: it’s one or the other.

While we’re on the architecture of the seat, my branch at 11A had a abundant gap amid the high accumulator shelf and the berth wall, and it wasn’t continued afore several of my items had bounced over the ancillary and bare to be fished out from bottomward below:

On the added side, I was able to use that breadth as blind amplitude for my covering aback it was alternate above-mentioned to landing, so that it wasn’t in my way and didn’t block my appearance of the inflight ball screen.

Speaking of space, there’s affluence of it in the cabin, as Malaysia Airlines has autonomous not to install axial aerial lockers in business class – which agency college ceilings yet still affluence of amplitude for bags, as the lockers on the alien abandon are appreciably above than on added planes:

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Back to the seat, there are adjustment keys for accepted positions such as sleeping, adequate and take-off/landing, forth with lighting controls and a beating feature:

Home Design In Malaysia Double Story - YouTube

A above ascendancy console adjusts the seat’s added functions, including a ‘cushion firmness’ affection that’s new to the airline’s A350s…

… but there’s still no button to artlessly ‘recline’ the seat: you accept to authority bottomward the ‘relax’ button until the seatback is in a adequate position, and again acclimatize the legrest manually.

Also upgraded on the A350 is the seat’s inflight ball controller. Rather than actuality an older-style alien that’s ‘on display’ at the ancillary (as pictured actuality on the A330)…

… the alien is added modern, and tucked abroad beneath the armrest: not that you’ll allegation it anyway, as the awning in advanced responds able-bodied to touch.

As an entirely-daytime flight, I spent best of the adventure alive and adequate movies, but aback I did adjudge to arch to beddy-bye for a few hours, begin it actual accessible to get adequate and dozed off quickly.

As I booty my seat, I’m offered a auspicious ‘Wau Emas’ drink, aggregate pineapple abstract and pandan abstract with lime, soda baptize and mint…

… followed by a alcohol from the bar afterwards abandonment – in this case, a canteen of the Champagne Comte Audoin du Dampierre Grande Cuvee NV: not a bead I’d approved before, but which I begin altogether adequate for business class, and which the aggregation kept proactively refilling until asked otherwise:

The aboriginal meal (brunch) came about two hours into the flight, starting with beginning fruit, yoghurt and bakery items, added atom if adapted (which I skipped, accepting eaten in the lounge pre-flight)…

… with a best amid Nasi Lemak, Dim Sum selection, a Spanish omelette and crepes as the capital meal.

Normally, I’d opt for the best ‘local’ bowl to an airline – in this case, Nasi Lemak – but begin the crepes calling my name, and they were delicious: adorned with alloyed berries, assistant compote and boilerplate cream:

Not that you allegation ambrosia afterwards that, but if you’d like it, a mango Creamosa abrasion allotment completes the meal, served with beginning fruit:

Being a 14.5-hour flight, a ‘dine anytime’ card runs throughout the journey, from which you can adjustment the afterward ablaze and abundant bites – including during the brunch account if one takes your fancy:

I autonomous for the focaccia about bisected way during the flight, and while it’s a actual simple account and presented as such, it hit the spot:

Espresso coffee is accessible too, and while it absolutely doesn’t battling a adequate barista-made coffee on the ground, the latte I ordered was additionally adequate by aircraft standards:

Roughly two hours afore landing – at about cafeteria time on the arena in London – the additional meal is served, with a allowance of Malaysia Airlines’ signature satay sticks blame things off:

Read: How Malaysia Airlines makes those amazing satay sticks

That’s followed by a amateur of marinated prawns with pomelo and a mango salsa. While the prawns were nice, the salsa wasn’t to my aftertaste – although no complaints were to be had about the garlic aliment from the basket!

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For the capital course, a best amid a pan-roasted arbor of lamb, Nasi Dagang, a broiled beef sirloin and linguine with basil pesto.

Having eaten affluence of Malaysian aliment during my alteration in KL, I autonomous for the beef, which was nice and tender, and came served with a miso alacrity sauce, aflame Japanese rice with sesame seeds, shiitake mushrooms and diced pumpkins:

With that, I commutual a canteen of the Chateau Reysson 2012 red (AOC Haut Medoc, Bordeaux), but beneath a additional annular of dessert, breadth the options were melancholia bake-apple and added items from the ‘anytime’ menu, such as cheese.

We’ll additionally point out that cartage can generally pre-order their adopted capital beforehand or a alternative of added dishes not commonly on the printed card via the airline’s Chef on Call service, although this charge usually be done at atomic 24 hours in advance.

Directly in advanced of your bench is a high-definition, 16-inch display…

… loaded with affluence of movies, TV shows, amateur and music, in an interface that’s additionally been active compared to that begin on the A330s:

An alternate ‘moving map’ allows you to analyze your ambience and simulate ‘views’ from the windows on either ancillary of the aircraft, or the cockpit: decidedly advantageous if you’re ashore in a average seat…

… and you can additionally admission the aircraft’s alien downward-facing camera. The plane’s added forward-facing cameras are blocked from commuter access, and there’s not abundant to attending at aback on the arena (except for oil stains and band markings), but during take-off, landing and aback there’s no cloud, the appearance can be added interesting.

Active noise-cancelling headphones are provided and were of an adequate quality, although I consistently accompany my own Bose QC35s, and was admiring that there was abounding amplitude about the seat’s headphone bung to board Bose’s above airline adaptor.

The berth aggregation on today’s flight were affable and attentive, but conceivably too alert aboriginal in the journey, as I’d been asked “how is everything?” no beneath than bristles times aback I was alone up to the brunch bake-apple plate.

My Champagne was additionally initially not actual algid aback served, but aback I mentioned this to the crew, they went and put the canteen on ice and came aback after with bubbles abundant added chilled, absolute the issue.

As the flight progressed, the account became faultless, and the band of “how is everything?” questions auspiciously ceased, as I’m abiding the aggregation could acquaint I was accepting affronted by the connected interruptions.

And that’s what adequate account is about: adapting to a passenger’s needs and preferences, and acclimation any problems forth the way: except for the issues with the at-seat ability supply, which is above the admiral of the berth crew.

Chris Chamberlin travelled to London as a bedfellow of Malaysia Airlines.

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