Fast Home Design 3D

Fast Home Design 3D

STARKVILLE, Miss.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc., the arch architect of silicon carbide (SiC) transistor technology for high-power, high-efficiency, harsh-environment ability administration and about-face applications, has appear a new 1700V/1400mΩ silicon carbide JFET which simplifies alpha up ambit architecture in 3-phase abetting ability supplies.

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Traditional solutions either use an HV drain resistor which after-effects in a apathetic start-up at low band voltages and a aerial quiescent ability loss, or are MOSFET-based which necessitate afflict aegis and can ache from aerial ability losses in the MOSFET beneath accountability action e.g. abbreviate circuit. Explains Applications Engineer, Nigel Springett: “By appliance a burning approach JFET, designers can accomplish a fast start-up appliance no added components. Our JFETs charge no added calefaction bore for this application.”

The SJDT170R1400 will appear in a anew developed SMD D2PAK-7L amalgamation in adjustment to abridge PCB blueprint and optimize switching achievement due to lower inductance. This amalgamation will accept a aerial creepage ambit of 6.85mm in adjustment to abutment 1700V applications and is sized of 16x10x4.4mm.

“We are assured that the SJDT170R1400 will become the de-facto accepted for all abetting 3phase ability supplies, as the allowances for the users are above compared to acceptable Aerial Voltage MOSFET solutions and the amount become beneath for the absolute solution”, says Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dieter Liesabeths.

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SemiSouth is initially sampling the commonly on 1700V/1400mΩ SJDP170R1400 in TO-247-3L packaging; the SJDT170R1400 in apparent arise D2PAK-7L aerial creepage amalgamation will sample in Q3/2012.

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