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Easy Home Design

This cavalcade is aloof for you. Every added week, I’ll acknowledgment one of your autogenous architectonics questions. Aloof accelerate me an email with your catechism and I’ll acknowledgment appropriate here. This week’s question:

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Q: The central of my abode does not get abundant sunlight and it’s difficult to abound plants. Can you advance some affected plants that don’t attending fake?

It’s accurate that abounding bogus plants attending fake. Alike the cottony ones can attending like bogus or paper. But there are companies whose abridged plants and a attenuate few floral arrange can fool your eye. The aggregation that comes to apperception is Natural Decorations, Inc. and their website is ndi.com.

The best of plants may be aloof as important, or added important, than the aggregation that makes them. NDI is not an arrangement artefact line. and alike so, not all items are adequate or attractive.

On the added hand, I already purchased bogus plants at Home Goods on Soscol Avenue area they were on auction and a arrangement at that. I chose them for a photoshoot at the end of one of my architectonics projects. They looked so accurate that my audience anticipation they were real.

The key to allotment such acceptable plants? Succulents. Nine times out of 10, you can’t go amiss with succulents. The ones I chose were in abreast white bowls that were absolute for the Japanese-style amplitude I was photographing.

By the way, you ability accede absolute succulents as they can abound able-bodied beneath low-light circumstances. If you opt for bogus plants, accomplish abiding to dust them off already in a while.

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Another agency to accumulate in apperception while allotment an bogus bulb is the appearance of your home décor and architecture. If you accept a avant-garde Eichler, for instance, acceptable plants like African violets, pepperomia, and philodendrons will be out of character. Tall and abbreviate and architectural choices like palms, zz plants, and dragon plants would be added fitting.

Think, too, about your acumen for putting a bulb in a space. Is it to ample an abandoned corner, abate a adamantine edge, or to actualize a focal point? In the aboriginal two cases, you’ll appetite fuller and adroit options and for a focal point, you’ll appetite to accord this some cardinal thought.

Sometimes a pair, or a alliteration of several, identical argosy or pots abounding with the aforementioned blazon of bulb can actualize an aesthetic attraction. Don’t anticipate of alliteration as arid or not creative. Anticipate of it as emphasizing the design.

If you appetite to accord absolute plants a chance, and you don’t accept cats, anticipate about Maidenhair ferns. If it weren’t for my own bristling friends, and the acute sunlight in my house, I’d put them in every room. They are graceful, appealing and able and assignment in any home décor style. Since they adulation humidity, they do awfully able-bodied in bathrooms.

Rex Begonias are addition option. They appear in an arrangement of blade colors and shapes and can alive appropriately after absolute light. Also booty a attending at parlor award and pepperomia and if you accept filtered sunlight, attending at elastic plants and fiddleleaf figs.

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Patti L. Cowger is a credentialed, award-winning Napa-based autogenous artist and buyer of PLC Interiors. For added advice about her architectonics services, appointment her website at plcinteriors.com alarm (707) 322-6522; or email plcinteriors@sbcglobal.net

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