Desert Home Interior Design

Desert Home Interior Design

Well, this is fancy.

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We never anticipation we’d be absent of active in a abode in the desert, fabricated out of a agglomeration of old aircraft containers ashore together. But actuality we are. Blame the abilities of avant-garde designers.

London-based artist James Whitaker has appear affairs for a new house, due to be congenital in 2018, that’s fabricated out of old aircraft containers.

We’re not aloof talking about one sole aircraft alembic creating a cosy microhome, apperception you.

Nope, this is special. It’s a abode that looks a bit like an aircraft comatose in the desert, and is fabricated up of an ‘exoskeleton’ of corrective containers.

It’s 200 aboveboard metres in total, and axial there are three ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen, and a active room.

Obviously the abode hasn’t absolutely been fabricated yet – it’s aloof in the architecture stages – so we don’t apperceive absolutely what these accommodation will attending like. But it looks like anniversary one will sit in its own container, affiliated by a axial point.

The home is alleged the Joshua Tree Residence, and artist James says it’s been commissioned by a blur ambassador with a affection for ‘nurturing artistic projects’ – so it makes faculty that he’d be agog for a abode that’s a bit added out-there than the norm.

It’ll be body on an 90-acre artifice of acreage in Joshua Tree, so it’ll be nice and private, too.

‘Earlier this year my applicant in LA had some accompany visiting and, accepting a little time to spare, they all went on a alley cruise to appointment the client’s artifice of acreage in Joshua Tree,’ said James.

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World of Architecture: Extraordinary Modern Desert Home by Tate Studio

‘Whilst there, amidst the barren mural and bulging rocks, one of the accompany said, “you apperceive what would attending abundant here?”, afore aperture her laptop to appearance anybody a account she’d apparent on the internet.

‘The account was of an appointment that I’d advised several years ago but had never been built.

‘And so it came to canyon that abutting time the applicant was in London he got in blow and asked to accommodated up.’

When it’s congenital abutting year, the home will sit on a mountainside, with the home’s architecture ensuring anniversary alembic provides absurd angle beyond the landscape.

There’s a car barn roofed in solar panels to accommodate ability for the house, and affluence of clandestine spaces area the buyer can relax.

Here’s acquisitive they’ll account it on airbnb. We’re agog to accept a stay.

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